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Trial  News ~ 18th May 2014.

We were happy to have Brian Clinch from NSW attend and judge our 3 Trials. The trials were well supported with a total of 34 entries for the day ranging from Master and all classes down to Instinct. The weather was warm and luckily the rain held off till after the trial.

At the first test we had 3 Master, 4 Senior, 3 Novice & 2 Instinct entries. Pam Smith & Jamie were first in but unfortunately failed, followed by Tegan Whalan's Clover who passed easily and Kerry Pearson's Frankie decided to quit working before time thus failing. Senior Class saw no passes while the Novice class saw a pass by Kerryn Pearson's Hakan and 2 fails by Devil & Skipper. Tegan Whalan's Leema Winning Ink passed in Instinct and the other entry was scratched.

At the second test the dogs seemed to be in better form. Kerryn Pearson's Frankie passed in Master back to her usual form while Jamie failed. Senior saw 2 passes by Tegan's Clover & Kerryn's Frankie & a fail by Pam's Jamie. Novice saw a pass by Kerryn's Hakan & Tegan's Leema Winning Ink & a fail for Devil who could not pull it together. The Instinct entry was scratched.

 The 3rd trial saw all 3 entries pass in Master, Pam's Jamie, Tegan's Clover & Kerryn's Frankie. Senior class saw Tegan's Clover & Kerryn's Frankie pass with Pam's Jamie wanting to stay in the tunnel. We had 2 fails in Novice with Kerryn's Hakan who decided to take a short cut under the fence & Devil. Tegan's Winning Ink passed.

Trial  News ~ 11th May 2014.

It was a lovely day for trialling and the tunnels drier than expected after all the rain we had in the days leading up to the trial. We had 12 dogs competing over the 2 Trials.

Our 1st test was judged by Tegan Whalan who had 2 in Master, 2 in Senior, 3 in Novice & 1 in Instinct. Pam Smiths West Highland White Jamie was 1st off the ranks passing his test followed by Kerryn Pearson's Cairn Terrier Frankie who worked with her usual enthusiasm. Pam Smith's Jamie attempted the Senior test but refused to come out of the tunnel, while Kerryn Pearson's Frankie, passed easily. In the novice class Kerryn Pearson's Cairn Terriers, Hakan & Devil decided it was more fun to check out the grounds and scent a few trees, but Daniel Mcloughlan's Jack Russell Cross had a good pass. Only one in this class owned by Daniel McLoughlan, Skipper a Jack Russell Cross who failed.

Test 2 was judged by Kerryn Pearson who had 2 Master, 3 Senior, 1 Novice & 2 Instinct entries.  Pam Smith's Jamie started the second trial passing well, followed by Tegan Whalan's Clover who passed easily. Senior class saw all 3 entries fail as did the Novice entry. In Instinct Tegan Whalan's Leema Winning Ink had a pass while Daniel McLoughlan's Skipper failed.

A good day was had by all regardless of our triumphs & failures.

A nice day dawned for our trial on the 26th of June with 3 exhibitors entered on the day.

 It had been difficult to obtain our usual wild prey and that designed for the feeding of snakes does not appear to have the same appeal to some of our trialling dogs. Hopefully with have a couple of contacts now to keep us supplied during the trialling season.

Despite our rabbit set back we did see 3 passes in the Master Earthdog tunnel with Tegan Whalan's ~ Border Terrier's ~ Ch Burrowa Blue Flame SE (Clover) & Ch Dalshoj Chippendale SE (Imp DMK) (Chip) gaining a pass each & Kerryn Pearson's ~Cairn Terrier ~ Ch Natuska Frankly Scarlet SE Gaining a pass under Lynne Leopold. 

Our next trial & Training day is on the "21st August" so mark this date in your calendar.

Earthdog Trial & Training ~ 12th June 2011 ~

The trial held on the 12th of June was an overcast day but very successful for several dogs and we also saw some new interest to earthdogs. 

 A historic day for the Earthdog Advisory Committee of SA, seeing our first Master Earthdog Title with Cairn Terrier, Ch Seneybob Aberlady Astor SE (Scarlet) owned by Kerryn Pearson passing her last test to gain the Master title.

 To add to this we also saw ~                                                                                                                    Tegan Whalan's ~ Border Terriers Ch Burrowa Blue Flame NE (Clover) & Ch Dalshoj Chippendale NE (Imp DMK) (Chip) gaining their Senior Earthdog Titles & Leema Sprig Of Clover (Winona) gaining her 1st novice Earthdog  pass.                                                                                                                                                               Kerryn Pearson'sCairn Terriers ~ Ch Natuska Scarlet Fever NE (Kansas), Ch Natuska Frankly Scarlet (Frankie) & Ch Achnacone Rubies R Red NE (Ruby) all gaining their Senior Earthdog Titles.                                                                                                                                                                 Pam Smith's ~ West Highland White Terrier ~ Westcliff Scot Free SE (Jamie)gaining a Master Earthdog pass.                                                                                                                                                                       A total of 1 x ME, 5 x SE titles gained on the day with 1 NE pass & 1 ME pass also.   

As promised Sue brought her JRT out to check out the lay out & Louise tried her new Norwich Terrier out in the tunnels & was very enthusiastic over the prey.

We love to see new people and their dogs join us on our Trial & Training days. Come and see what it is all about and have some fun with us.

See you at our next trial on the "26th June 2011".

Earthdog Trial & Training ~ 8th May 2011 ~

Our trial & training day held on the 8th of May, also Mother's day saw a total of 5 dogs attempt the tunnels in both Senior & Master Classes. Our judge Tegan Whalan commented that one exhibit "Almost stole the rabbit".

The sunny weather made for a nice trialling & training day where we saw 2 dogs pass the Senior Earthdog Tests, these were ~ Ch Natuska Scarlet Fever NE (Kansas)(Cairn Terrier) & Ch Achnacone Rubies R Red NE (Ruby)(Cairn Terrier) both owned by Kerryn Pearson.

We also saw a couple of new faces out to try the challenge of the tunnels. We are all hoping to see them out again at our next trial and training day on the 12th of June. Maybe Lulu will join the ranks of the Titled Earthdogs over the next few months. Next month we may also see some more Border Terriers & a Jack Russell owned by our very own Sue Nicks attempting the tunnels for the first time.

We always welcome new people and their dogs to all our trialling & training days. Have a try at the above ground tunnels with your dog, you never know you may enjoy it as much as your dog will.

 See you at the next trial, so put the date in your diary "12th June 2011", you can even sleep in.


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